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H.H.Sheikh for man Mens Perfume 100ml


Pure Dreams... Pure Fragrance

H.H. Sheikh for man Mens Perfume 100ml

  • Perfume Gender: Mens

  • Fragrance Notes: Top note: Blackcurrant, Orange Blossom, Pear, Rose

    Middle note: Jasmine, Iris, Praline

  • Size: 100ml

  • Packaging: Boxed

Khalis Raghabat Perfume 100ml

RM65.00 RM45.00

Khalis Raghabat Perfume 100ml by Khalis Perfumes is a fresh, woody fragrance with oriental notes.

The top note has a pleasant freshness with lemons, lemon verbena and iris.

Sheikh Zayed Blue Perfume 100 ML

RM65.00 RM44.00

Sheikh Zayed Blue Perfume 100 ML

Khalis Perfumes offers a collection of high quality Arabic perfumes, which create lasting memories for future generations. The Arabic perfume brand Khalis stands out for its seductive aroma of tropical, citrus, floral and woody notes.