What is Al-marai honey?

Al-marai honey

Al-marai Honey

Almost everyone knows how important and essetial honey is, but do people actually appreciate its value? Honey is one of the best natural ingredients for healthy body.

It is extremely rich in nutritious substances that maintain, protect and provide power for the individual’s body.

Definitely, there are diverse types of honey and the main reason for such variety relies on the environment of the bees’ area.

The components, trees and flowers, from which bees feed themselves play a crucial role in the quality and kind of honey.

One notable kind of honey is called Almarai honey which has unique and special features comparing to other kinds of honey.

What is Al-marai honey?

Al-marai honey

Al-marai honey

Al-marai honey is certainly one of the most famous types of all kinds of honey, all over the world, especially in the Arab’s regions.

It is produced from the nectar of more than one type of flowers and trees. It is also called as flower honey since it is thoroughly pure and perspicuous.

It is also produced on most days of the year. It is described as family honey, as well. The reason behind this is that it is preferred by all members of the family ,especially children, since it has a tasty and delicious flavor; therefore, it is strongly advised by herbalists and nutritionists.




Al-marai honey

Al-marai honey













Why is Al-marai honey helpful?


Al-marai honey has an extreme and absolute power used in treating a wide variety of ailments and diseases, even the incurable ones.

Amazingly, it is used as a medical treatment for different kinds of diseases, such as burned skin, tonic, stomach problems, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems and cancer.

It has a high nutritional benefit and advantage for those suffering from the excessive slimness and anemia. It has a powerful ability to kill germs and expel the harmful poisons and bacteria from the affected bodies.

In addition, Al-marai honey is also used to strengthen teeth, help them grow perfectly and protect them from desperate decay.

On top of all, it is a tremendous way to protect and keep the heart safe and healthy, as well.

Not only does it treat diseases, but it is also effective for curing skin problems.

It treats skin from acne and create a shiny and bright face.

Packages and prices
In the Yemeni Center for honey, there are plenty of packages available for selling and use with suitables prices, 1000 GM 110 RM, 500 GM 55 RM, 250 GM 35 RM and 150 GM 24 RM.

To sum up, maintaining your health means paying much more attention to the way you eat and it can be achieved by eating honey.Actually, we can reach a consensus that Yemen is one of the top countries which has more than one kind of honey, such as Al-marai honey.

It is highly recommended by herbalists and nutritionists since it is used to cure and promote the individual’s health.

In order for people to be glowing with health, they are strongly advised to eat Al-marai honey because of its great benefits, not only for eating, but also for healing.

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