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Arabic Gum One Box (10 packets)

RM180.00 RM75.00
Arabic GumEnjoy a healthy life full of vitality and activity by adding Gum Arabic to your daily diet.Gum Arabic also known as Gum Acacia, is a natural Gum harvested from the exterior of Acacia trees after it dries in the form of a dry hard nodules, Gum Arabic contains a high percentage of natural soluble fibers (85%) and calcium.Its unique properties endow it with a wide range of uses in food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries and industrial applications.Gum_Arabic

Bakhoor Charcoal one box

RM17.50 RM11.50
Hamil Al Musk Char Coal for BakhoorBakhoor Charcoal one boxHamil Al Musk charcoal for bakhoor is regarded as one of the best and most affordable quick lighting charcoal for bakhoor available. Being designed specifically for shisha smokers, Hamil Al Musk coals are tasteless and odourless, and designed to be slow burning so that you get the most out of your shisha flavours.Hamil Al Musk Charcoal is an economical instant light hookah charcoal that gets the job done.- 10 Coals per pack. - Long lasting. - Quick Lighting. - Tastelss. - Odourless.


RM25.00 RM19.99
BUKHOOR NASAEM  INCENSE (40G)treat for the senses - Bakhoor Nasaem by Nabeel. Fragrant woods, enriched with fine, fragrant oils. Incense burning in the old Arab tradition as it is practiced even today.Fragrance: woods, flowers Quantity: 40g

FARS Pomegranate Concentrate Juice

RM23.00 RM16.95
FARS Pomegranate Concentrate JuicePomegranate Concentrate / Pati Delima Health Benefit : -Reduces risk of heart disease -Strengthens the immune system to fight disease -Reduces blood sugar levels & helps control diabetes -Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood Recommended intake : 2 tablespoon after meal. Or mix 1 part concentrate to 4 part water. Pour onto a tablespoon and consume straight from the bottle for quick and easy consumption Packing: 375ml

Yemeni Sidr Honey


Benefits of Drinking Sidr Honey and Cinnamon You Must Know

Lowers risk of heart disease
A cinnamon honey concoction is very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can lead to atherosclerosis, but by including Sidr honey and cinnamon in your everyday meals you can keep the risk of falling prey to heart related ailments

Benefits Of Sidr Honey Water At Night

1.Helps you sleep better
2.Improves liver functions
3.Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
4.Treats acid reflux
5.Lowers blood pressure


Benefits of Drinking Honey and Lemon Water You Must Know

Helps Flush Out Toxins
Drinking Sidr honey and lemon water can also help you flush out toxins from your body. This will keep your body free from radicals and toxins that lead to breakouts and constipation. Modern lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, pollution, harmful chemicals affect our health adversely

Benefits Of Sidr Honey In The Morning

1.Helps you shed those extra kilos
2.Improves your digestive system
3.Protects against bacterial and viral infections
4.Reduces allergic reactions
5.Flushes out toxins from the body


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